Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

I wanted to attempt to throw an fun themed baby shower for my good friend, Lisa. I decided that Dr. Seuss would be a distinctive and memorable design. After searching for inspiration on the web, I was left with soooo many great ideas. I didn’t know where to start.  I created my to-do list, bought the materials, and felt I was prepared and ready.

Well…I found out the hard way just how much work goes into prep the last few days before an event. I was working on set-up right until the first guest walked in the door. I didn’t even have time to style my hair! (at least I made time to apply make-up…whew!)
Unfortunately, I didn’t enough time to take a bunch of pictures before food was eaten and decorations were used. Fortunately, the party was a hit and everyone enjoyed themselves. I now have a better idea of just how much time is involved.

For decoration I gathered all the Dr. Seuss books I could find. I had a few and I borrowed the rest from my sister who hit the Seuss jackpot.  Books were a easy way to get people feeling Seuss-y. I also hung red and blue punching balls from the ceiling to give the place some Seuss-like finesse.

Here are some fun things I came up with.
Food & Drink:
Green Eggs & Ham (Green Deviled Eggs and Hot Ham Sandwiches)
Who’s Roast Beast (Shredded Chicken Sandwiches)
Pink Yink Ink Drink (Cranberry Juice and 7Up)
Brown Bar Ba Loot Truffula Fruits featuring Who Pudding (Grape & Yogurt Salad)
Water bottles w/ Customized Labels
Thing One Cupcakes for Dessert (since this was mommy’s “Thing One”)

I decided to use a candy station for decoration as well as treats. It provided nice color and everyone got to take a bag of goodies home with them.  The Seuss Sweet Station included:
Swedish Fish (One Fish, Two Fish Red Fish, Blue Fish)
Fave Red Starbursts
Licorice Vines
Brownie Pops
Giant Swirl Lollipops

I hope you enjoyed your baby shower, Lisa. Congratulations on your adorable baby boy!

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